Pink In The Park

The Zephyrs return home after a 4-4 swing through the Golden State. Tough to drop the final three games in Sacramento, turning a potentially great road trip into a .500 one, but breaking even on the road isn’t something to scoff at.

After a long day of travel, the Z’s open up a four-game weekend series with Albuquerque, a team they trail by two games in the standings. Tonight is Pink In The Park, as the Zephyrs partner with the Susan G. Komen Foundation For The Cure and Mike’s Hard Lemonade to raise awareness for breast cancer. Look for pink all around the ballpark — and wear pink yourself to receive $5 admission!

The lineup:

  1. LF Petersen
  2. SS Martinez
  3. C Rottino
  4. RF Aguila
  5. CF Kroeger
  6. 3B Dominguez
  7. 2B Thurston
  8. 1B Salazar
  9. P West

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