Minor league free agents

Baseball America has the breakdown of the 533 Minor League free agents who will be looking for jobs this offseason, with 31 of them coming from the Marlins, more than any team in baseball (the Washington Nationals are second with 27). Here is the list of Marlins – all but eight saw time with New Orleans in 2010:

RHP: Natividad Dilone (Hi A), Jon Fulton+
(AA), Brian Lawrence (AAA), Tom Mastny (AAA), Matt Peterson (AAA), Nic
Ungs+ (AAA), Tim Wood (AAA)
LHP: Jeff Gogal (AA), James Houser (AAA), Wes Whisler (AAA)
C: John Otness (AA), Neil Wilson (AAA)
1B: Mark Saccomanno (AAA)
2B: Wes Long (Lo A), Danny Richar (AAA), Rigoberto Silverio+ (Hi A)
3B: Lee Mitchell (AA)
SS: Gookie Dawkins (AAA), Javier Guzman (AAA), Ryan Klosterman+ (Hi A), Emilio Ontiveros (Hi A), Tim Torres (AA)
OF: Chris Aguila (AAA), Brett Carroll (AAA), Jason Delaney
(AAA), Jose Duarte (Lo A), Vinny Rottino (AA), Lorenzo Scott (AA),
Brandon Tripp (AA), Greg Burns (AAA), Jeff Corsaletti (AA)

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