May Day from OKC

The Zephyrs have dropped six in a row and have lost the last
three games by the combined score of 36-5. 
So it has gone bad for the Zephyrs of late. 


Saturday brings a new day and a new month.  Happy May Day!   Game
three of the four game set will have the Z’s sending Brian Lawrence to the


The Marlins have promoted pitcher Hunter Jones from the
Zephyrs.   Jones had a terrific outing on Monday for the
Z’s, he pitched into the 8th inning and allowed 1 run on 5
hits.  He will replace Clay Hensley in
the Marlins bullpen.  Hensley has been
placed on the bereavement list.    The Z’s added reliever AJ Battisto from Class AA Jacksonville.


Sunday the Z’s will start Jorge Sosa and Monday is TBA with
the loss of Hunter Jones.


Here is the lineup


SS Bonifacio

2b Richar

RF Petersen

3b Luna

LF Lane

CF Cousins

1b Mitchell

C Davis

DH Machado

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