April 2010

Tuesday in ABQ

The wind has calmed down a bit today.  Its still going to be windy day in the premier hitters park in the PCL.  Opening day starters match up, Ryan Tucker v James McDonald. 

Here is the line up for todays divisional match up between the Z’s and Topes.

CF Petersen
3b Luna   
SS Murphy
1b Morrison
CF Cousins
LF Lane
2b Richar
C Davis
P Tucker


Zephyrs pitchers are off to quite a start to the 2010 season, with Ryan Tucker and Rick VandenHurk contributing six shutout innings apiece, and only an infield single and a pair of bloop hits in the ninth inning on Thursday standing between the Z’s and back-to-back shutouts. Brian Lawrence will look to keep things rolling tonight, and here’s the lineup he’ll have behind him:

Petersen, CF
Murphy, SS
Morrison, 1B
Luna, 3B
Lane, RF
Rottino, LF
Davis, C
Klosterman, 2B
Lawrence, P