A taste of Wrigley


Marlins finished up a three game series Sunday afternoon at the friendly
confines of Wrigley Field.  The Zephyrs
finished up a series on Sunday in
Oklahoma City.  So you say where’s the connection.  The RedHawks have themed this weekend “Taste
of the Big Leagues- Chicago Style”.


team has one concession stand that is selling Chicago Style Hot Dogs, The
famous Mother in Law sandwich, and Old Style Beer.  All of them are classic
Chicago favorites. It was a little
disappointing that there were no Italian beef’s or deep dish pizza.    


team also has several Cubs banners, signs and displays etc around the
concourse.  The team even put a little
ivy on the outfield wall.  It’s a stretch
but they did make an effort.


music has had been mostly
Chicago with lots of the tunes you
hear at Wrigley.  Good thing the I-Cubs
didn’t play here this week.  All the
tunes are “Go Cubs”, and
Chicago related just I have heard
Principal Park in Iowa or at Wrigley Field.    


promotion continues with
Philadelphia and the famous cheese
steaks when the team returns home next week. 


the Red Hawks season-long theme, “Taste of the Big Leagues,” will
bring Yankee Stadium, Wrigley Field, Fenway Park, Dodger Stadium, Busch Stadium
or Citizen’s Bank Park to every home game this season.    


a neat idea.  Unfortunately it didn’t
help draw many fans to the park over the weekend.  Maybe that was part of the promotion it was
Chicago like weather, mostly
cloudy, temperatures in the 50’s with rain.  


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