Fashion Update


The home opener is less than a week away and I hope everyone
is getting excited. The Z’s have split
their first two games in Nashville.  Here is a sneak preview of the new
uniforms. The Z’s replaced the blue
alternate jerseys with New Orleans
across the chest with the NOLA look. The
uniforms have gone over well with the players; in fact, a few said we will
likely wear these every game. The Z’s
starting pitcher typically selects what jersey the team wears. The Z’s still have the home whites, road
grays and the sleeveless greens.

The team has also debuted its new BP jerseys, getting rid of
the gray t-shirt in favor of the dark blue dri fit with “Zephyrs” across the
chest. And finally from the uniform
front, the Z’s have brought back the Z cap. As simple as that, the “Z” lid was a traditional look until 2003, when
the cap was replaced by Boux biting the “Z.” A welcome return. 

Photo by: Mike Strasinger



what’s the matter with this picture?

what’s the matter with this picture?

Yes the road uni’s looked good! I hear they have some teal colored home uniforms and old style Z’s logo hats for the home stand! I’ll be there to watch Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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